AMD Patients

Amsler grid test to check your vision

      1.Make sure you are in an area with good lighting.
      2.Wear reading glasses or contact lenses.
      3.Hold the Amsler grid chart at a comfortable distance, normally 30 cm(12-16 inches) away.
      4.Cover one eye with your hand and focus on the central dot of the grid.
      5. Look at the grid and make sure all the lines are straight and clear.
      Repeat the same test with the other eye

If you have any lines or squares appear distorted blurred or dark spots, visit your eye doctor immediately.

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Degas and AMD

Edgar Degas was a French impressionist artist. He lost his right eye due to macular degeneration at the age of 36.

His life was so miserable that he often said he wanted to give up everything. In this painting, the artist visualized the dancer in white with her mother sitting helplessly in black. It's like the left eye is healthy and the right eye is blind.

You can feel the painter's depression about the hopeless future with no choice but to live by leaning on his left eye. In this image, her young daughter is overworking with a tired body, and the mother has no choice but to rely on the daughter and spends her life without hope.

There was no hope for Degas, who was so distressed that he wanted to give up on life, but now there is hope for all of us. This hope is brought to you by AltRegen.

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) treatment depends on ‘cleaning-up’ Bruch’s membrane

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